Over 43 Years Of Veterinary Excellence
The phenomenon of portable clinics was not created by accident, or without great purpose and imagination. Dr. R.J. Buzzetti, a large animal veterinarian, and Jim Barber founded Porta-Vet in 1964 by building durable and functional mobile clinics that fit in the back of a van. In 1968, they moved into their current location in Hudson, Iowa, where the original concept continues to be developed and expanded.

In 1972, Gordon Moser came to Porta-Vet and bought the business. One of Moser's initial projects included engineering and constructing a mobile clinic to fit in the back of a pick-up truck rather than a van. This new truck insert was an immediate success. It proved to be a turning point in the business, as it launched international markets for Porta-Vet.  In September of 2005, Mr. Moser retired and sold the company to Vet Ventures, Inc. led by Nick Evens.  Mr. Evens goal was to continue the insert business and also introduce new products to compliment the existing line of truck inserts.  The SUV/ van unit and portable X-Ray units were introduced the following spring and the chassis mount units were rolled out at the AAEP convention December, 2006.  With stepped up marketing, better warranties on all products and a real focus on customer service, Porta-Vet continues to lead the mobile clinic industry today. 

The Industry Leader

In today's high-tech age, Porta-Vet's mobile clinic units are still manufactured with individual craftsmanship. Porta-Vet's mobile clinics can be customized to fit the needs of a general practice, or a specialty practice such as equine or dairy. Innovative products, quality and strong service have earned Porta-Vet a worldwide reputation for delivering the best mobile units at fair prices and with unmatched service. Such quality has earned Porta-Vet the respect of veterinarians across the world and made Porta-Vet #1 in the industry.

We are proud of our company's history and achievements, and we look forward to continuing this legacy into the future.