Mark Williams, DVM
Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic
Agua Dulce, CA

Note: Dr. Williams is a veterinarian and primarily does equine dentistry as well as being a farrier. This Porta-Vet is set up for dentistry on the driver’s side pack and for farrier work out the back and on the passenger side.

I have been very pleased with the new pack.  Coming from a larger aluminum box from a farrier supplier, I was somewhat hesitant about the different configuration.  The organization of the box and the setup of the drawers, as well as the roll deck out the back for my shoeing equipment have worked great.  As always, the interaction with the personnel at Porta-Vet has been excellent. They kept me in the loop the entire time, from concepting to finish.
Bill Schumacher, DVM and wife Kay
Las Cruces, NM

I bought my first Porta-Vet in 1976 and since day one the quality & service has been top notch. I can call in and every person I talk to is knowledgeable and very helpful. Anything I need is sent out quickly. I recently had an accident involving my truck and vet pack and Charlie walked me through the process and handled everything with the claims adjuster. All questions were addressed efficiently and all the details were finalized in no time.  We have been treated right at Porta-Vet.
Chris Makarim, DVM
Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic
Wanette, OK

I am convinced my Porta-Vet makes my practice much more profitable. I am so much more efficient in the field with my new Triple Crown insert. Porta-Vet made the buying decision very easy with prompt correspondence, very fair pricing, efficient handling of the lease documents from the leasing company and quick delivery and installation at my clinic. Thank you Porta-Vet for being a true business partner.
Karma Loughney, DVM
Auburn Animal Clinic, CHTD
Auburn, KS

The practice has recently bought two reconditioned Magnum 4 units and a new ICON X-Ray machine. The reconditioned units were exactly as advertised and are working out very well for us. The ICON 90/20HF X-Ray is so user friendly and takes very clear pictures. The anatomical pre-program has taken all the guess work out of shooting the X-Ray. All three purchases were the right choice for us. Thanks Porta-Vet.
George Palmer, DVM
Palmer Veterinary Clinic
Plattsburgh, NY

Dear Nick: 
I really like my new Mustang 6 chassis mount unit. My only reqret is I didn’t get this unit 25 years ago. It is perfect for us average height people. It makes restocking and keeping track of the inventory on the truck a lot easier. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service as well. I am impressed that you sent some one up here to service the unit. I really appreciate it. You have a very satisfied client. Please also send my thanks to your staff. You are very fortunate to have such caring people working for you. They are great ambassadors for you business. They have the right "can do" attitude.
Dan Budreau, DVM
Cedar Falls, IA

I bought my new Crown Jewel from Porta-Vet for several reasons. First, I am sure I am getting a high quality product that will withstand the day to day wear and tear that goes with our profession. Second, I know the company backs it's product and will help with me with any issues, should they arise.Lastly, the down to earth, professional people who I came into contact with at Porta-Vet made me feel appreciated as a customer--from the salesperson to the people who installed it onto my truck. I am a Porta-Vet customer for as long as I am in practice!
T. Kent Adams, DVM
Riner, VA

The professional image we portray to our clients is critical. A clean, well-organized truck and Porta-Vet with up to date equipment is essential to the client's perceived value. Investment in the professional image of a Porta-Vet pays big dividends. Gone are the days when we can expect to be paid as professionals while working out of the trunk of a car, a plastic truck tool box, or a vet box that is past its prime! … There are five full-time ambulatory doctors in my practice who take pride in clean coveralls, well maintained trucks and Porta-Vets that are routinely serviced, refurbished and traded-in on an established schedule. It give me great pleasure when a client quips “…get a new truck, doc?” and I replay “no…this one has 180,000 miles on it, but I did wash it a couple of days ago…”. I know when a client asks me this that I have portrayed exactly the professional image I want and that my fees will be well accepted. Porta-Vet helps us portray that image.  Thanks Porta-Vet!
Gordon Plotts, DVM
Lynden, WA

Our very busy practice has 9 trucks on the road. Each and every one of those trucks has a Porta-Vet mobile clinic in it. We had the competitors units in our truck at one time but have switched everything to Porta-Vet because we have found that the quality and service after the sale to be impeccable. We have even purchased some of our trucks from Porta-Vet. The company has gone out of their way to make sure we keep our units in tip top shape and on the road where they should be, generating revenue. Thanks Porta-Vet for helping our practice be successful as possible.